213 Market Street; Orange, Texas 77630                                       Phone: (409) 882-7885 Fax: (409) 882-7844

  190 Camp Street; Vidor, Texas 77662                                            Phone: (409)769-8439 Fax: (409-769-0982

Office Hours: 8:00am - 12:00pm 1:00pm- 5:00pm
Monday thru Friday

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

Craig Corder 
              E-mail: ccorder@co.orange.tx.us


Support Staff

Lisa Taylor - Administrative Assistant
E-mail: ltaylor@co.orange.tx.us

Walanda Colbert - Secretary
E-mail: wcolbert@co.orange.tx.us

 Probation Officers

Shon Garrison
E-mail: smgarrison@co.orange.tx.us

Justin Klipstein
 E-mail: jklipstein@co.orange.tx.us    

Purpose of Department

* To provide for the protection of the public and public safety;

* Consistent with the protection of the public and public safety;

* To promote the concept of punishment for criminal acts;

* To remove, where appropriate, the taint of criminality from
children committing certain unlawful acts; and

* To provide treatment, training, and rehabilitation that
emphasizes the accountability and responsibility of both the
parent and the child for the child's conduct;

* To provide for the care, the protection, and the wholesome
moral, mental, and physical development of children coming
within its provisions;

* To protect the welfare of the community and to control the
commission of unlawful acts by children;

* To achieve the foregoing purposes in a family environment
whenever possible, separating the child from the child's parents
only when necessary for the child's welfare or in the interest of
public safety and when a child is removed from the child's
family, to give the child the care that should be provided by
parents; and

* To provide a simple judicial procedure through which the
provisions of this title are executed and enforced and in which
the parties are assured a fair hearing and their constitutional
and other legal rights recognized and enforced.