In order to secure the best quality goods and services at the lowest and best possible cost, Orange County has established quidelines and polices to comply with Texas State Laws.  These policies were created to promote competition, prevent favoritism, and secure the best work and materials at the lowest practicable price for the best interest of the taxpayers and property owners.


Goods and services are acquired by utilizing the bid and proposal process.  Formal bids and proposals are published in the Legal Notices of the Orange Leader weekend edition for two consecutive weekends and applies to goods and services exceeding $50,000.00 or more.  Formal bids and proposals shall be submitted in a sealed manner to the Orange County Purchasing Department, 714 Polk Street, Orange, Texas. 77630 on the designated due date and time specified in the bid or proposal.  Late bids or proposals shall not be accepted.  A current listing of bids and proposals are available at

The bid and proposal instructions and specifications, which describe the goods or services, along with the terms and conditions pertaining to these bids and proposals are located at or the office of the Orange County Purchasing Agent located at 714 Polk Street, Orange, Texas  77630.

Sealed bids and proposals are opened publicly at the designated date, time, and place as per bid and proposal specifications.  Bid tabulations will be posted on the Orange County website: as soon as possible.  The purchasing department will submit the tabulation to Commissioners' Court for inclusion on the Commissioners' Court for award.  Commissioners' Court shall either approved the recommendation or reject all bids or posposals and authorize the Purchasing Agent to re-bid the goods and/or services.


For purchases of goods and services totaling less than $50,000.00 the Purchasing Agent is authroized to select the goods or services to meet the requests of departments.  The purchasing department shall attempt to solicit quotes.  Informal quotes and proposals may be obtained by telephone, fax, or email, in person or in writing.  The Purchasing department is authorized to select the vendor and to do all actions necessary to conclude a contract for the purchase of the goods and services.