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Running List of flooded areas: ( AT this time 12:10pm)- Bell Ave. - B. C., Turner Road off FM 1442 & FM 1442 @ 105 in Orange Under Water, Hillcrest - B.C., Texas Ave. @ Roundbunch under water- B.C., Bessie Heights- B.C., Tyler Estates- B.C. Flooded entrance, WISTERIA IN BRIDGE CITY, WATER OVER ROAD, Michelle Ave.- Vidor, Claiborne- Vidor, N. Linscombe off Hwy 12- Vidor underwater, Mansfield in Vidor there is a tree over the roadway, OIlla- Orange Under Water, BLK Orange Street- Vidor Underwater, Lexington- Vidor water over roadway, Parkview Subdivision - Vidor Roadways area flooded, Moose Ln.- Orange water over road, Service Road near truck stop in Rose City Underwater, Rose City Under Passes Taking in Water, Strong Road of Cajun Way- Orange Field, East Tram N. Side west of Nolan Water over roadway, S. Lakeside street Road Flooded, Texas Ave @ Roundbunch in Bridge City is now passable in the middle.

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Orange County Courthouse
801 W. Division
Orange, Texas  77632